Research & Development


Research & Development

Driven by a desire for continuous technological advances with our products, we constantly invest in research and development in order to ensure that the best therapy treatments are available to you. Thanks to close collaboration with various partners, we’re able to advance numerous projects to improve patient treatment options.

Current projects in the pipeline

We develop all our R&D projects with care and attention to ensure results in line with company standards. Every year we invest more than 10% of our global turnover in R&D and Basic Science Research. The management of our R&D projects respects a step-by-step process that in most cases includes:

  • Phase 1 – definition of development requirements and overall project planning
  • Phase 2 – selection of the most qualified partners to carry out basic research, design and/or production, as well as fundraising activities
  • Phase 3 – prototype engineering supported by document development
  • Phase 4 – verification and validation of prototype by means of technical-functional tests and, where applicable, targeted clinical trials
  • Phase 5 – fine-tuning of the device in a production perspective
  • Phase 6 - Submission of the technical dossier to obtain the CE marking
  • Phases 7 and 8 – market placement, at first in a monitored area (7) and then in a global environment (8)

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