HF10 Therapy

The Nevro Senza™ represents a turning point in the technology of spinal cord stimulation systems (SCS). The device, developed by researchers at Mayo Clinic, is designed with the next generation of rechargeable batteries, capable of reaching a level of stimulation equal to 10,000Hz.

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The Nevro HF10-SCS represents the first spinal cord stimulation system implantable at a high frequency. Clinical evidence* demonstrates that this is in fact an advanced option for the challenging task of effectively and efficiently managing chronic lower back pain.

Paresthesias is absent with neurostimulation at a high frequency (10kHz), an important and relevant factor, which results in a significant improvement in the patient’s quality of life and in procedural simplification from an interventional standpoint.

The patient can use the system from anywhere between a few days to a few weeks, allowing them plenty of time to decide whether or not HF10 therapy is suitable.

* Kapural et al. “Novel 10-kHz High-frequency Therapy (HF10 Therapy) Is Superior to Traditional Low-frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Back and Leg Pain: The SENZA-RCT Randomized Controlled Trial”
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