A common cause of chronic pain is the existence of scars in the epidural space. The epidural space is an area between the inside of the vertebral column and the protective layer around the spinal cord. The creation of scar tissue can restrict natural nerve pathways, causing inflammation and thus resulting in pain.

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Epimed has developed an advanced line of epidural catheters which are guidable using fluoroscopy (X-rays). The operator inserts the guide into the epidural space at an optimal point in relation to the region in question (usually via the caudal passage on the sacral side, a natural cavity in the spinal column located at the end of the coccyx). The movement of the catheter can then be controlled via the monitor and driven with precision at the root of the affected nerve. Epimed catheters have a soft and harmless tip, optimised to slide over sensitive areas and inclusive of a strong body that can easily be operated within the epidural space. Once the catheter is in place, medication can be injected in order to directly target the source of pain.

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