About Us

Theras Group Patients at the centre

Theras Group
Patients at the centre

We are company that seeks innovation in the fields of healthcare and everyday health. We primarily deal with therapeutic diagnoses and the treatment of chronic diseases. We work with healthcare professionals by developing and commercialising high-tech medical devices, while placing the patient at the centre of our mission.


Centers we serve

Hospitals and specialized clinics located throughout Italy


Technical field staff

Product specialists able to provide highly qualified technical support and services


Research projects

Partnership activities and projects aimed at developing technologies at patients’ service

Internal structure

Our company structure reflects our will to convey both quality and professionalism throughout the value-creation process, with the ultimate goal of end user satisfaction. Overseen by the board of directors and by the general manager, the company is divided into business units.





Our after-sale customer care team stands out for its commitment to providing customers with assistance and support in order to solve any and all technical problems and any and all specific needs associated with the use of our products.